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Bringing Administrator Closer To Community

As a funeral administration business God Speed Life partners with funeral parlours/ Brokers to bring administration closer to the communities that want to take up funeral policies.

Family Cover

Single Cover

This cover is for Single members of up to R30 000.00 for anyone up to 94 years of age.

Single with Children

This cover is for Single Parents with Children without a Spouse for up to R30 000.00

Family Cover

This cover is a Member, Spouse and their Children for up to R30 000.00

Groups | Churches | Societies

We also provide covers for Groups, Churches and Societies. This cover is a Member, Spouse and their Children for up to R30 000.00

Traditional Cover

Member +5 Beneficiaries

This cover is for One Main Member and 5 Beneficiaries.

Member +9 Beneficiaries

This cover is for One Main Member and 9 Beneficiaries.

Member +13 Beneficiaries

This cover is for One Main Member and 13 Beneficiaries.

Funeral Service Cover

We provide Cash/Burial Fund, Funeral, Tombstone, Seshabo/Meat and Catering Cover

Arranging a funeral can be a daunting task if one does not have a Funeral scheme in place, with us you can be at peace knowing that you can choose from a range of accredited funeral providers to bury your loved on in dignity.


Times when you are least financially prepared, God Speed Life can provide you with a complete peace of mind by ensuring that the much needed cash is available.


The cost of meat in increasing regularly, now you can be at peace knowing that you have that cover with God Speed Life Sheshabo Meat Cover. It will provide you with a meat hamper voucher that you can redeem from your nearest or favourite butchery to feed mourners.


Life demands has changed, people are no longer able to avail themselves to prepare food for mourners at funerals, God Speed Life can provide you with Catering Cover that will ensure that the funeral of your loved one is catered for by professional caterers.


Nothing can give you more pleasure than knowing that you can take up a cover to assist in the erection of a Tombstone when the eventuality of death strikes.

Don't Know How?

Follow these steps

Add a beneficiary to your policy so that we can pay directly to them. You can do this by calling our customer services team on 

In the event of your death, your beneficiary will need to contact us by emailing claims@godspeedllife.co.za or calling. We will require the relevant documents, to ensure the claim is assessed efficiently.

We require notification of death within 30 days of it happening. If we are not informed within that time, the claim could be declined.

There is a 6 month waiting period (from Commencement Date) where claims cannot be made for payment. However, if your death is a result of an accident, it will be covered and we will pay out immediately.

For your claim to be paid, we require:

  • That your premiums are up to date.
  • Correct and completed claims documents are submitted.

Disputed claims

  • We allow 90 days from the date of the communication of our decision for your beneficiary or estate to dispute our decision on a claim.
  • Should we decline the claim again and they wish to start a legal process, they will have an additional 6 months, after the 90 days, to do so.

Your premiums are subject to change, depending on the claims, expense and investment experience of God Speed Life, a Juristic Representative of an Authorised Financial Services Provider FSB number 45244 which underwrites, administers and issues the God Speed Life insurance products.

It is expected that premiums can increase due to inflation over time.

Should your premium change, we will communicate the change to you with a 30 days’ notice.

If you have any issues or questions about your cover, feel free to email us on support@godspeedlife.co.za or call us on  to get more information on the policy.

For complaints and compliance

We appreciate you as a client, so if at any point you are unhappy with our service or product, please contact us using the following:

Give us a chance to resolve the matter. To ensure our focused attention, please contact us using the following details:
God Speed Life Head Office P O Box
Call: +27
Email: complaints@gsl.co.za
Fax: +27
If complaints about our service are not resolved, we are accountable to the FAIS Ombud. Their contact details are as follows:
Office of the FAIS Ombud PO Box 74571 Lynnwood Ridge 0040
Call: +27 860 324 766
Email: info@faisombud.co.za
Fax: +27 12 348 3447
If complaints about our products don’t get resolved, we are also accountable to the Long-Term Insurance Ombud. Their contact details are:
Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance Private Bag X45 Claremont 7735
Call: +27 860 103 236
Email: info@ombud.co.za
Fax: +27 21 674 0951

Understand the process

T's & C's

Follow these steps

  1. You must have a valid South African Identity Document.
  2. You must be between 18 and 65 to be eligible for cover.
  3. If you die we will pay out your Funeral Cover either to your beneficiary or to your estate.
  4. We will not pay out if your death is a result of suicide, deliberate involvement in an illegal act, riot, civil commotion, terrorist attack, or war.
  5. We will not pay out if your monthly premium has NOT been paid.
  6. Your premiums will be monthly renewable and reviewable.
  7. There is a 6 month claim waiting period on your policy and we will not pay out if your death is not as a result of an accident.
  8. We allow 6 months for your beneficiary or your estate to dispute our decision on a claim.


Why should I buy Funeral Cover?

Many individuals prefer to postpone the purchase of any insurance until such a time that they have dependents. It is important to ask yourself if anyone will suffer financially if you were to die. It would be unwise to delay purchasing insurance.

When does my cover begin?

Cover begins once your application has been approved by the insurance company and your first premium due, has been paid.

What happens if I miss a payment?

Should you miss a payment for any reason, we will collect a double debit order the following month and if your policy lapses and you would like to reinstate and resume payments, please note that the applicable waiting period would reapply. Additionally covered may be suspended during this period.

Are the proceeds from an insurance policy taxable?

The proceeds from an insurance policy are not taxable because of their nature. The proceeds are of a capital nature and are therefore not taxable as income. All proceeds that are of a capital nature are subject to Capital Gains Tax. However, the proceeds from Funeral Cover are exempt from Capital Gains Tax.

Is there a waiting period when I cannot claim?

There is a 6 month claim waiting period on your policy from date of commencement. During this period, the members will only be covered for death caused by accident.

How long does it take my beneficiary to receive my money after I die?

The beneficiary can receive payment within 48 hours of the claim. Promptness of payment is dependent on the correct documentation being supplied to us.